Body Dearmouring

What is Body Dearmouring and what does it do?

Body Dearmouring is a term that refers to the physical removal of mental and emotional ‘armour’, which has been created through experiencing trauma of some sort and level of intensity. These past experiences, when not properly released and transformed, have all been stored within our physical bodies and have led to the contraction and hardening of our myofascia (muscle- and connective tissue). Due to not having released and transformed these traumatic experiences properly, they are energetically and vibrationally still present within specific areas of our body and energetic system and make sure our bodies eventually become hard, stiff and inflexible. Next to that these imprints also create all sorts of inflexible, protective, defensive and offensive mental, emotional and behaviour patterns.

It is understandable that we have created such patterns after having gone through painful experience and try and protect ourselves from going though such experiences again. Nevertheless, it is often exactly due to such behaviour that we find ourselves recreating the past into the present moment and future.

This is where Body Dearmouring comes to the rescue.

As said, the word 'armour' is mentioned in regards to all sorts of protective mechanisms we've developed to try and defend ourselves in a world that often forces us into survival mode. We've learned to do so during all sorts of situations we've experienced as threatening and fearful. Such situations happened to many of us during different stages in our lives, having caused us to experience trauma of all kinds and degrees, be it micro- or macro-levels of trauma.

What does experiencing trauma do to our body, mind emotions and behaviour?

Trauma which has never been processed and transformed properly is, without exception, being stored within the physical body. This is due to the physical body always registering and storing every moment where it experiences some form and level of tension, stress, pain or fear. The body even responds before our emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

The body goes immediately going into some level of contraction when experiencing any kind of emotional trigger and does so to whatever degree is necessary to protect you. When such emotional triggers are experienced, our body activates its defensive mechanisms through the activation of the nervous system, which we know as the typical fight, flight, freeze, fawn and fragment or collapses modes. This as a way to stop enduring more stress, tension, fear or pain. Our mental and emotional capacities can only make sense of it all and process such experiences later on and are only able to do so once the body and its nervous system are finally regulated and relaxed again. It is literally impossible to respond appropriately to a situation or person without first regulating and calming down the nervous system.

Once the body experiences such moments of tension, stress, pain or fear, it literally stores these experiences into the memory of our cells and DNA within the myofascia (muscle- and connective tissue). It is this tissue that contracts at every moment we experience stress, tension, fear or pain. Despite the fact that one might argue fear or stress isn’t the same as trauma, our bodies always register such experiences as traumatic, regardless of the mind being able or willing to recognise and/or admit that as a given fact. 

  • Traumatic experiences affect our bodies and lead to the contraction, stiffening and becoming inflexible of our myofascia, eventually leading to all kinds of pain syndromes as well as an enormous range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health problems.
  • Experiencing trauma stores the energetic and vibrational memory of these experiences in the form of trauma imprints within our bodies, eventually leading to our cells and DNA getting programmed with these energetic and vibrational memory imprints. This is what causes trauma to get inherited through family and ancestral lineages and the endless repetition of all kinds of physical problems and diseases as well as all kinds of mental, emotional and behavior patterns and problems.

For those who would like to receive a more expansive view upon what trauma really is, please check my blogs on this webpage.

How does Body Dearmouring solves these issues?

Body Dearmouring, in my personal experience and perspective, is one of the most effective and efficient tool in regards to removing all kinds of negative and self-sabotaging mental, emotional and behaviour patterns, due to removing the foundation of all of this patterning. Once that foundation, which is present within the cellular memory and DNA within our myofascia has been removed, Body Dearmouring also turns out to be an amazingly efficient tool when it comes to removing all kinds of injuries, pain syndromes as well as a plethora of physical, mental and emotional diseases. Last but not least I have witnessed over and over again how Body Dearmouring turns out to be the an incredibly efficient tool to help and assist people in finally living a truly empowered life and embodying their fullest potential here upon planet Earth as a human being.

The Tender Touch Technique

My personally developed and unique form of Body Dearmouring, which I have named ‘The Tender Touch Technique’, is a holistic form of full body treatment and is a fluid and non-static technique. I do not limit myself to only working with triggerpoints upon the meridians. In my opinion (which has gotten confirmed by many of my clients and students), most of my dear colleagues unfortunately limit themselves and work with a static non-fluid technique that often only works with applying a certain amount of pressure upon specific triggerpoints upon the meridians. This as a way to facilitate (an often emotional) charge being stuck within the body to get released and activating the energy flow within the meridians again. I most surely respect all of my colleagues for the amazing work they facilitate, but nonetheless their work feels limited and not full spectrum to me. I personally felt the urgency to treat the entire body and do so wherever there is contracted myofascia present within the body, which most certainly isn't only on specific triggerpoints on the meridians.

People regularly ask me if what I do can be compared to massage and to be honest, to me it is and feels very different. Yes, there are certain similarities, but Body Dearmouring truly is a really different form and next level of bodywork. To me it literally feels like myofascial surgery. It is a very slow and accurate form of bodywork that really focuses upon removing every bit of residual trauma and contraction within the body and help it return to its original levels of flexibility and elasticity.

By accurately and carefully applying perfectly attuned pressure and movement, the contracted trauma imprints within the myofascia are eventually softening and can simply be removed and doing so will create a deep sensation of spaciousness within the physical body. It guarantees the removal of the foundation of all trauma and for it to collapse on all levels.

Such results might take time to experience, but will most definitely happen when you are dedicated and committed to your own healing process. The results will most probably baffle and amaze you, as well as the relatively short amount of time in which you are able to experience enormous personal transformation. All depends upon your personal levels of dedication and commitment. In the end it is always you who determines to what level you are willing to go to really get healed, which is not up to me. 

The powerful impact of Body Dearmouring

To me Body Dearmouring is the most efficient and effective form of trauma release work I have personally experienced. It is also the fastest method I have ever experienced, even though it is a process that will take time nonetheless. Despite the fact truly healing is always a process, I have seen myself and many clients and students release and transform really serious issues within a few sessions. Issues we have often been struggling with for months, years, decades or even an entire lifetime. Even parental and ancestral issues can get transformed in several sessions and not only heals you, but also heals all previous and future generations in regards to the issues and levels we’ve worked on.

Body Dearmouring delivers a profound practical and almost permanent (maintenance is required now and then due to the possibility of experiencing new forms of trauma) solution to deal with such issues, no matter how deeply these trauma imprints are hidden or how old they are. This amazing technique clears out all physical, emotional and mental blocks and fear programming in a surprisingly fast and efficient way. The treatments work without the slightest bit of doubt and have a strong positive and healing effect on cellular and D.N.A. level. All negative thought-, emotional- and behaviour patterning dissolve within a relatively short period of time (in comparison to the length of duration of such patterns before treatment), simply due to having removed the foundation of all those patterns, which are the holding patterns present within the myofascia of the body. This not only facilitates physical, mental and emotional health and well being, but also will also guarantees a lot more ease in one's personal and spiritual growth and empowerment.

Next to offering you this powerful transformative form of bodywork, I will also support you with some additional coaching as well as offering you tips, tools and tricks to avoid repeating the patterns and retraumatising yourself. 

Physical advantages and healing effects

In short, proper appliance of The Tender Touch Technique has shown to increase blood flow and energy into the brain, body and energetic system. It helps restore hormonal balance, the relaxing of the nervous system and the proper functioning of the respiratory and digestive systems. It also assists our physical organs to function properly again and helps to remove all kinds of injuries and pain syndromes originating from trauma imprints. This all due to these body parts and organs not being squeezed and obstructed to function properly by heavily contracted myofascia anymore, as all our body parts and organs are finally embedded within healthy, flexible and relaxed myofascia again after proper treatment. Body Dearmouring guarantees optimal health for all our organs and body parts, such as the brain, heart, liver, spleen, veins, meridians, joints, muscles, tendons, fascia, bones and all other body parts. As you probably imagine, all of this will eventually lead to you feeling a lot more empowered and alive, due to your life force finally being able to flow through your entire body again.

For additional information about more specific health benefits of Body Dearmouring, please check out my blogs upon this website.

Mental and emotional advantages and healing effects

The proper application of The Tender Touch Technique has also shown to facilitate the collapsing of all kinds of negative mental, emotional and behaviour patterns. This can be a wide variety of thoughts and feelings such as anger, aggression, grief, depression, desperation, feeling deflated, lethargic, demotivated, uninspired, irritable, tensed and exhausted, stressed, worrying, feeling unsafe, not supported, lonely, inadequate, unworthy, and getting emotionally easily triggered. This is all possible due to literally removing the mental thought patterns and emotional charge from the triggers within our physical myofascia, which is where they are stored. 

The Tender Touch Technique has also shown to reduce, transform or even completely remove all kinds of relational issues and problems that are connected to fear of commitment, fear of abandonment, betrayal and all kinds of behaviour patterns that originate from such trauma imprints. Myself and many of my clients and students have experienced permanent change and transformation within the interpersonal dynamics with partners, lovers, friends, family, colleagues and others due to having received several or a series of Body Dearmouring sessions.

Healing is always a process

Last but not least, I will once more repeat that healing truly is a process and it takes time. Yes, Body Dearmouring and the incredible healing it facilitates can truly do miracles in a short period of time and simultaneously I want to be very clear about not coming with any expectations. Some people experience very fast shifts and deep transformation in their lives, others need more time. All depends upon the severity and amount of trauma imprints that are present within your body. It also depends upon how much inner work you have already done previously and how deep you are truly willing to go, because the deeper you are willing to go, the higher you will eventually be able to fly.

So, therefore please understand that coming to me for help is similar to going to a shrink, a psychotherapist, a physiotherapist, an osteopath or any other kind of therapist or facilitator. It would be unreasonable to expect all your problems to be solved within one session, even though one session can deliver unexpected and magical results.

So, I guess the ultimate question really is if you are willing to do whatever is needed to finally set yourself free and live the life of your dreams and desires. If the answer is a clear “Yes, I am!”, then I would be most honoured to assist and help you getting there, as that is what my mission here upon this beautiful planet is all about. To be in loving service to you and as many as possible.