Conscious coaching

Experience has taught me that conscious coaching is a very important and essential part of the sessions I offer. Proper coaching has turned out to be a necessary tool to assist creating a new frame of reference that allows my clients to safely navigate ‘a new reality’ within themselves and their lives and being able to do so while holding on to old unhealthy mental, emotional and behavior patterns as little as possible. I mention ‘a new reality’ explicitly because some of my clients experience difficulty navigating the often new and unfamiliar inner emotional and mental landscapes when old familiar patterns dissolved. They can also experience difficulty in regards to how to relate to others in an often completely new way after trauma release sessions.

Some of us have been stuck in all kinds of negative self-destructive patterns for a very long time and for a big part because it often was the only thing we were familiar with. Many among us simply never really experienced anything even close to true love, solid safety, real support and connection in life. To survive and get what we needed and/or wanted, we needed to compromise in very unhealthy ways, which then somehow became the norm and standard of our lives and our behavior. So, imagine when a big part of the foundations of all these old familiar patterns are suddenly gone. It can literally feel like the reality we have known for so long has completely collapsed. All of a sudden everything is new and unfamiliar and that can feel rather scary.

I’m sure you can somehow imagine proper conscious coaching is needed in such cases. To help people safely and consciously navigate new territory without getting overwhelmed and/or falling back into old self-destructive patterns.

Other reasons why I offer conscious coaching sessions is to help people get in touch with healthy boundaries and desires, which many of us simply never learned properly. Most important in all of that is the realization that the only way to determine where our boundaries and desires can truly get discovered and experienced, is through tapping into the sensations of the body and the incredible wisdom of the nervous system.

The mind is and will NEVER be able to determine what our boundaries and desires are, even though it thinks it knows. My coaching and bodywork sessions will proof you irrefutably that what I’m sharing here with you is absolute truth, even though you’re free to doubt it, as most people do before they come to me for sessions. In general, hearing this, puzzles people until they really have a solid embodied experience on how to truly recognize and sense into their boundaries and desires.

What do I offer during my conscious coaching sessions?

I’m sharing some pointers with you here to create some clarity about the benefits of the conscious coaching I offer:

  • You will learn about the links between your physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies.
  • You will learn how to integrate your mind and body into one healthy holistic operating system.
  • You will learn how to determine, feel and honor safe and healthy personal boundaries and desires.
  • You will learn how to avoid getting emotionally triggered by others in unbearable ways.
  • You will learn how to avoid getting overwhelmed, traumatized, hyper-tensed and/or burned out.
  • You will receive all kinds of information about the incredible wisdom of your physical body and its nervous system.
  • You will receive different kind of tools to help regulate your own nervous system.
  • You will also receive tools to help regulate and synchronize your nervous system in connection with others.
  • You will learn about the importance of the Nervus Vagus (Vagus Nerve) and it’s responses when your nervous system gets overwhelmed .
  • You will learn how to avoid  the Vagus Nerve’s fight, flight, freeze, fawn, fragment and/or collapse responses.
  • You will learn how to avoid getting stuck in negative relationship patterns.
  • You will learn how to avoid getting lost in all kinds of self-destructive patterns.

Next to that I will also share all kinds of information with you about things like psychosomatics, proper and efficient breathwork, bodywork, shadowwork, the drama-triangle, the Wheel of Consent and more. We will also practice some of these tools together when needed.

I will speak with you about causes, impact and the results of trauma upon your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, upon your relationships, your ability to truly relax and be intimate on/with yourself and others. I’ll also explain about the impact of trauma upon your sexuality, creativity, work, manifestation powers and more.

I will also offer additional information (when needed) about all kinds of spiritual topics such as the Universal Laws, Tantra, Shamanism, multi-dimensional realities and how to navigate them safely, energetic (quantum) entanglement, karma and karmic chords, psychic attacks, hyper-dimensional manipulation, entity attachment and lots of other relevant and important topics.

Last but not least, I might also give you homework or tasks to perform at home, like working with  tools like non-violent communication, the Wheel of Consent, the 3-Minute Game, E.R.A.P. (Emotional Resource Awareness Practice), clearing your aura, karma and your living/working spaces and other tools. There’s also a possibility that I will advise you to connect to some of my colleagues who are experts in the fields of aura- and karma clearing as well as offering DNA activations to help you upgrade your system solidly and more quickly. This as a way to support the sessions I offer.

My main goal for the coaching sessions is to teach and offer you whatever is needed so you can avoid experiencing trauma as much as possible in the future, as a way to help you live a life as relaxed, safe, happy and content as possible, be it being on your own or in connection with those who you love and that are present in your life and surroundings.

In case you feel interest and curiosity in regards to these sessions, possibly as a start-up option before we dive into the bodywork, then feel free to contact me through this website. I’d most happily support you in any way I can.