Energetic healing sessions

In regards to the energetic healing sessions, I honestly don’t give a lot of separate energetic healing sessions anymore nowadays, as my main focus is on body dearmouring. I have been trained extensively in energetic healing for a bit more than 5 years though. What I personally prefer, mostly do and what has shown to work most efficiently, is offering the energetic work as an addition to the bodywork during sessions. Once the body is so much more receptive thanks to bodywork and therefore the mind getting out of the way, the entire human system is so much more capable of experiencing, transforming and downloading energy as well as all kinds of information and receiving insights, visions and whatever else is needed. People have shared that the energetic addition to the bodywork is often of levels they can hardly comprehend and are sometimes even compared with very powerful plant medicine visionary journeys or other kinds of transcendental experiences.

If you somehow do wish to experience a separate energetic healing session, that is possible and in that case you can pick from the following options

Frequencies of Light Therapy

Frequencies of Light Therapy is a technique that was downloaded during several channeled session by the Brazilian shaman Eduardo Chianca Rocha after he went through a few very strong Ayahuasca ceremonies. Eduardo described how he was contacted by Pleiadean beings after these ceremonies during meditation and how they offered him a complex healing system of five different levels during several years and which he was instructed to spread throughout the world in service to the wellbeing humanity.  They instructed him to present this unique technique under the name: ‘Frequencies of Light - Quantum Pleiadean Holistic Therapy’.

This healing methodology is based upon three main principles, which are:

  • The energetic scanning of the body and energetic system through the use of a crystal pendulum.
  • The removal of negative, the redistribution of congested and the addition of positive healing energy in depleted areas of the body and energetic system.


Personally I have decided to remove the Pleiadean imprint from the sessions as they felt limited and also distorted at times. I personally only work with pure Source Energy as well as the energy of my own personal purest Soul and Divine Essence. By removing the Pleiadean blueprints/imprints, there will be no hidden agendas or any form of multi-dimensional agenda present through which any kind of hyperdimensional manipulation is possible during the sessions I offer, as not all Pleiadean beings are in service to the Divine, just like not all humans are.

I am an official certified Frequencies of Light – Level 1 facilitator and have been trained personally by Eduardo Chianca Rocha, founder of the Frequencies of Light therapy healing methodology.

For those who wish to know more about Frequencies of Light Therapy, please check the website right here:


Pranic healing

Pranic Healing is a technique that got developed by the Chinese-Philippian healing Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui during a period of several decades. He dedicated his entire life in service to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and health of human beings and has done research in these fields for many years, often while collaborating with tons of other healers, masters, wisdom keepers, clairvoyants and other skilled people in the profession of all kinds of healing.

Pranic Healing is an energetic healing technique based upon the use and redistribution of Prana, a.k.a. as Chi, Ki or lifeforce. The technique exists mainly out of 3 different parts:

  • Energetic scanning of the body and aura or energetic system.
  • Removal of negative energy and the redistribution of congested energy.
  • Addition of surplus positive healing energy (prana) in depleted areas of the body and energetic system.

Every session starts with the scanning of the entire aura/energetic and physical body to discover where energy depletion or congestion is present. The second step is to remove all negative energy as well as facilitating the congested energy in certain areas to flow properly again. Once done, the body and energetic system will get scanned again to find out which areas are still depleted energy wise, after which the facilitator will function as a channel for energy to be channeled towards the depleted areas of the client’s body and aura/energetic field or body. The last step is a final energetic can of the entire system to check if the healing has been given in sufficient ways.

Pranic Healing is very effective and can restore mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health on all levels, although efficiency is of course depending upon the skills of the facilitator. Countless miraculous healings have been taking place all over the world which variate from healing simple colds to cancer, from healing light emotional issues to severe depression and so on. Pranic Healing also offers all kinds of healing against psychic attacks, entity attachment and more. Next to this it offers an extensive support system as to how a client can avoid experiencing the repetition of previously experienced issues. In my experience  are almost no limits to what Pranic Healing can offer in regards to the recovery of someone’s health and general wellbeing.

I am an official certified Pranic Healer and have followed the following Pranic Healing workshops:

  • Basic Pranic Healing.
  • Advanced Pranic Healing.
  • Achieving Oneness with the Higher Self.
  • Kriyashakti.
  • Superbrain Yoga.

I have been trained by Alex te Paske (Netherlands), Vivek Joshi (India), Keshen Matura (India) and Master Hector Ramos (Philippines). Master Hector Ramos is one of the seven worldwide Masters in Pranic Healing and was a direct student of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui.

In case you would like to know more about Pranic Healing, you can check the following websites:

The Netherlands: http://pranichealing.nl

Soul Body Fusion

Soul Body Fusion is a beautiful energetic technique that facilitates and supports the descending of the Soul into the physical body in a deep profound way. The technique creates a very powerful inner feeling of peace, serenity, tranquility and clears the mind in profound ways of any kind of disturbance. Mental overactivity and compulsive thinking is immediately nullified and a deeper grounded presence within the physical body is one of the almost immediate results of this powerful energetic technique.

Soul Body Fusion is known for having helped people with all kinds of problems and ailments, specifically on the mental and emotional levels, but also physical issues and diseases have disappeared thanks to Soul Body Fusion. Soul Body Fusion facilitates deep soul searching in a powerful way, which has given many people answers to issues and questions they have often struggled with for a long period of time. Powerful and pleasant energetic experiences, which could be considered as a renewed physical activation of blocked energy, is also one of the more common results one can expect from a Soul Body Fusion session, as well as a deep relaxation of the physical body and feeling a lot more grounded.

In general I personally consider this as a very beautiful and powerful technique. I also find Soul Body Fusion to be very suitable for those who are not familiar with energetic healing and are not comfortable with bodywork yet. It is a perfect tool to get acquainted with energy work, which doesn’t cost a lot of time (between 30-60 minutes, depending on personal issues and wishes) and has beautiful results to help people ground, relax, release stress and tension and give them proper insights in how to deal with their personal issues and questions in life.

I am an official certified Soul Body Fusion facilitator and was trained by Arno van Dijk (the Netherlands), who is the only certified Soul Body Fusion trainer by Jonette Crowley, the founder of the Soul Body Fusion healing methodology.

Those of you who are eager to learn more about Soul Body Fusion can do so through the book with the same title and written by Jonette Crowley or you can go to her webpage or the Dutch webpage of Arno van Dijk right here:

The Netherlands:  https://www.soulbodyfusion.nl

Tantric Kundalini Energy Healing (a.k.a. Kundalini Biodynamic Healing or Tantric Energetic Massage)

This truly unique form of energetic work is something that really fascinates me majorly. This all started after I spontaneously activated Kundalini energy in one of my previous girlfriends. What fascinated me most about it back then was the fact that this form of energetic work triggered very deep emotional releases in my partner as well as a deep profound physical and energetic experience of what is sometimes known as a (full) body energetic orgasm. She literally turned totally ecstatic and orgasmic, despite the intensity of emotional releases that took place in between those joy- and blissful moments.

After having facilitated this for my beloved back in 2015, I realized I somehow managed to facilitate something very special, but I wasn’t really sure how I did it. I was experienced as an energetic facilitator for some years, but this happened so suddenly and spontaneously that it invited me to do more research. I simply felt like I needed a frame of reference and more information to work with and to truly understand what I did. One thing led to another and after having found some videos about it online, I got invited during a workshop in Amsterdam that offered training in this specific form of energy work. That was also the same workshop where I got acquainted with body dearmouring for the very first time, even though I completely changed what I learned back then, as I found out the specific way of working we learned during that workshop was way too hard and aggressive due to not respecting the pain threshold of the body and its nervous system, which in my opinion feels like carrying water to the sea as it simultaneously creates new trauma imprints while releasing old trauma.

Working with the Kundalini energy is incredibly powerful. There is no greater power and force present within us and my teacher rightfully compared the place we store our Kundalini energy in the body to a nuclear powerplant.  As you can possibly imagine, working with such incredibly powerful energy is not free of risks. Risks that involve overwhelming or the possible burning out of the nervous system as well as triggering states of severe mental discomfort which can lead to activation of dormant mental diseases such as psychosis. You can read more about these risks in the works of Carl Jung and others and this is also the reason why I don’t offer these sessions to just anyone.

Only when the body is liberated of most of its trauma, working with the Kundalini energy becomes free of risks, or at least up to a level so the above-mentioned risk factors can be avoided as much as possible. Once the body is liberated of most of its trauma imprints stored within the myofascia (muscle- and connective tissue), one can experience all kinds of deep profound healing as well as states of enhanced consciousness, profound physical pleasure, delicious sensual and erotic sensations, profound bliss and ecstasy and one can even experience something that is often referred to as states of supernatural consciousness. Kundalini energy literally opens portals within our being and consciousness that are normally considered as impossible for human beings or only as something the magical mystics in life seem to be able to experience and embody. Some of those qualities are:

  • Sudden activation of Kundalini energy in others.
  • Incredible increase of personal healing powers.
  • Miraculous healing of all kinds of diseases.
  • Instant manifestations.
  • Telepathy.
  • Telekinesis.
  • Teleportation.
  • Bilocation of the body.
  • Conscious body-swap with a lover.
  • Time bending and travelling (with only consciousness or even physical).
  • Reality bending.
  • Defying gravity.
  • Liberating oneself and others from the prison matrix.
  • Completely becoming one with the Divine and one’s own personal Divine Essence.
  • Ascension to the God worlds.

Yes, I most surely realize mentioning above shared information and facts might make your forehead frown severely. I can guarantee you this is possible though, once we access the full potential of our Kundalini energy. I have personally experienced quit a few of these above mentioned qualities and I know within my entire body and system this is not just some myth, but that all of this is based upon truth we simply have lost our connection with. The fact that we don’t know if something is possible or how it can become possible doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

In case you have doubts, do your own research in regards to the enormous potential of the sacred sexual life force known as Kundalini Energy. There are tons of websites and YouTube videos which explain so much about this miraculous energy that is present within each and every human being. It is simply part of our original human blueprint as children of the Divine.

I am an official certified Kundalini Biodynamic Healing facilitator trained by Flavio Pop (Romania), who is a student of Grandmaster Mantak Chia, founder of ‘The Universal Healing Tao’ institute in China.

Those of you who wish to know more about The Universal Healing Tao, please check Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s website right here: