Level 1 Workshop – Tantric Shamanic Body Dearmouring

Hello folks, 

During this workshop I will share my personal knowledge and experience in regards to the incredibly powerful and profound healing technique known as Body Dearmouring. This so you can use it for your own personal benefit, or for family, loved ones and/or clients. In regards to the technique of Body Dearmouring, I’d like to share a few words with you about the specific way I treat my clients as a bodyworker, which is quite different from and more holistic than the ways most of my colleagues work.

The Tender Touch Technique:

More and more people are getting familiar with the term ‘body dearmouring’ over the past few years, which is beautiful because it is essential for so many to start doing bodywork as a way to helping them to release and remove the imprints of stress, pain, tension and other forms of trauma. An important thing to know though, is that there are several ways of treating and teaching people these techniques and not all of them are equally pleasant and safe. Some are actually really unpleasant and unsafe and I’ll explain you why that is.

A few years ago, I’ve been trained in a form of body dearmouring which was very hard, penetrative and which felt rather unsafe, at least in my experience and I’ve heard the same complaints from many others. The main mistake was that the pain threshold got transgressed, which I personally experienced as very painful and traumatic and which even made me leave the workshop in the end. I really felt deeply traumatised and brutalised. It didn’t feel safe at all and the worst thing of it all was that it created new trauma imprints upon the old ones. In other words, it was like carrying water to the ocean.

After having left the workshop, it was a very unpleasant challenge to find myself wandering around the streets of Amsterdam in a state of shock, without any help, assistance or guidance at all. It was an experience I will never forget again and was something I’ve reflected upon many times. It made me realise I really had to find a different way, because I also deeply felt Body Dearmouring was what I’ve always been looking for, but it was simply not taught the right way.

I decided to start practising upon myself before treating others, as that way I would be both, facilitator and receiver, which allowed me to discover exactly how far I could go and where my pain threshold was being met, without transgressing it. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life and I was so happy I didn’t give up practising and listened to my intuition and eventually this is what has led me to develop my own unique style of Body Dearmouring, which I named ‘The Tender Touch Technique’.

I found the perfect way of applying the wonderful technique of Body Dearmouring. This was thanks to being the facilitator and receiver at the same time, which taught me very clearly where my pain threshold was and how to honour it perfectly. Without honouring the pain threshold of the

It is way of working within the physical body that focuses a lot more upon softness, tenderness and loving touch, all to make sure my clients and students feel safe above anything else. Safety is the absolute number one condition for the body being able to open, to allow the trauma and pain being stored within to be touched and removed. Without feeling safe, it is not possible to do proper bodywork.

Due to working this specific way I have discovered that I’ve been able to remove trauma, tension, pain and stress with so much more ease and a lot less effort, which made this kind of bodywork a lot easier for me and my clients to give and experience. In the end it’s not as much what you do, but how you do something.

Another thing which feels important to mention is that soft, tender and gentle loving touch doesn’t mean it is not powerful or that pain is something that is never experienced. The big difference is that the pain is bearable though and is never too much, as long as the pain threshold gets honoured. Working in more soft and gentle way also doesn’t mean that certain trauma imprints can’t be removed. The last thing the body needs is forcing something to leave the body and using force is an entirely different thing from using power. In fact, I found out that working in a more soft and tender way in fact makes it a lot easier to remove literally every bit of trauma from the physical body. There are literally no limits to what this work can do when the body’s boundaries are being honoured lovingly.

In short, tenderness, gentleness and a loving compassionate touch is the very core of my way of working, through which safety and an optimal result are guaranteed, as well as guaranteeing the exclusion of causing new trauma imprints.

As a group we will focus upon mastering the basics of this amazing technique and while doing so we'll focus upon the following topics during the Level 1 workshop:

  • Information regarding how to perform a proper intake conversation with a client.
  • What to ask and pay attention to during the intake conversation.
  • How to determine upfront which areas of the body might need to receive dearmouring.
  • How to make a client feel safe and as receptacle as possible.
  • Why is last mentioned so incredibly important?
  • A basic physical scan of triggerpoints and certain areas in the body.
  • What are the specific emotions relating to these triggerpoints or areas?
  • What can I expect during the release of emotional trauma of a client?
  • What is most important to pay attention to while a client is releasing trauma?
  • What is re-parenting and why is it so important?
  • What should I do when a client gets a spontaneous Kundalini awakening?
  • What is the difference between tantric and shamanic dearmouring
  • The scanning of the body for hard muscle/connective tissue at or around specific areas of the body.
  • The dearmouring of a few of the most important and painful areas of the body.
  • How to open and close a session properly.
  • How much time do I need for a proper session?
  • The importance of aftercare and how to properly facilitate it.
  • Some extra additional coaching and other techniques to prevent future trauma.

Last but not least, here are all the specifics you need for this coming workshop and I truly look forward to welcome and assist you all during this very powerful and profound workshop.

With love, always.
Gosse Beerda (Frequency Facilitator)

Website: https://www.frequenciesoffreedom.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/frequency.facilitator
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Costs of the workshop

325 -p/p after registration and payment being done before July 12th.
375,- p/p after registration and payment being done on or after July 12th

To reserve your place, a non-refundable down payment of €200,- is required. To guarantee and secure your place, full payment is required, after which your spot is confirmed and guaranteed.

In case you wish to make use of the early-bird discount, full payments should be completed before the 12th of July. Exceptions will not be made, so make sure you pay in time.

Payments for the workshop are non-refundable. In case of emergencies (such as being sick, an accident or death in the family, etc.) it is possible to move along and participate with another future Level I workshop without any additional costs. Please make sure you communicate this clearly and in time.

Payments should be made to:

G. Beerda
IBAN: NL47ABNA0580531619 (Please mention 'Dearmouring Workshop Level 1 - August i 2020' as a comment.)

Dates & Times

Saturday August 1st & Sunday August 2nd 2020 from 10:00 - 19:00 (approximately).

Times are estimates in regards to when we finish. All depends on how quickly you absorb all information and how much time you need for the bodywork sessions. It also depends upon how deep you're still in process. Therefore, please do not make any other appointments during the days of the workshop. This so we can really finish the workshop days together as a group. Experience has shown time pressure creates tension for you, me and the others when you have to leave earlier. Last has also shown to sabotage the group energy and makes others feel stressed and uncomfortable.

After the workshop, please try and keep at least 1-2 days available for integration of the workshop and do so by a lot of resting, spending time in silence and nature, avoiding being too busy, getting too much stimulation and getting overwhelmed. Make as few appointments as possible during these integration days, as a way to support your process after this workshop. To support further resting and detoxing of your body, I strongly recommend going to the sauna after the workshop, as your body will be go into a deep detox after receiving this bodywork. This is due to lots of trauma imprints being released and the body literally letting go off these imprints from a cellular level.

For this workshop, you should bring:

  • When possible, a massage table. In case you don't have one, try to borrow one. Experience has shown it's a lot more comfortable to work on a massage table than on a mattress. In case you don't have or can't arrange a massage table, please let me know and I'll try arrange one for you.
  • Your yoga mat and a meditation pillow to sit upon. Some of the locations I rent have these already. In that case I will mention this in one of the posts on the Facebook event page, which means you don’t need to bring them.
  • One or two warm and soft blankets. Because lots of emotional trauma can come up for release and it is possible you'll feel shaky and shivery. This is to make sure you stay warm and comfortable.
  • Your own lunch/snacks. Make sure you do not eat food which is hard to digest, such as meat for example. This is because of the possible dearmouring of the stomach, belly & digestive track areas. Eating meat and other heavy food can make this more uncomfortable.
  • Pen + paper. This is to make notes and possible physical schematics regarding triggerpoints. Preferably bring an A4 notebook.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable and loose clothing. This will make it easier to give and receive treatments.


In case we'll have foreign participants, this workshop will be facilitated in English. Please let us know if this is somehow a problem, so we can try and find a solution somehow.

Location & Adress: t.b.c. soon.

For questions regarding the workshop, mail or call to:
T 06-138 456 00
E gosse.beerda@gmail.com