M.E.R. – Myofascial Energetic Release

Myofascial Energetic Release is a specific form of bodywork that mainly aims for the removal of pain syndromes within the body, as well as assisting the body to regain its original postural structure. The combination of both will allow the body to experience optimum relaxation and health gain.

Tension in the body eventually always leads to our physical tissue compensating, as a way to reduce the impact of stress or pain causing factors. Examples of this are frozen shoulders, a painful lower back or stiff hips. Another great example of compensation is how many men (and to a lesser degree also women) are automatically thrusting their chest forward as a way to be prepared for possible offensive behavior from others.

Whenever tension is built up over long periods of time, the body eventually deforms due to our myofascia (muscle- and connective tissue) becomes inflexible and stiff and it becoming incapable of experiencing its original elasticity and flexibility. As I’m sure you can imagine, this disables the body of experiencing its natural postural structure and eventually leads to all kinds of pain syndromes or even diseases. Arteries, nerves as well as organs can get stuck and also lose their natural elasticity being embedded within heavily contracted myofascia. This can eventually lead to al kinds of symptoms, such as high blood pressure, neurosis, feeling overly tensed, burned out and other kinds of mental, emotional and physical diseases.

I’m personally convinced that every disease, regardless if it’s mental, emotional or physical, originates from the fact that the body simply experiences too much tension or stress, which makes it impossible for it to function optimally. Since everything is holistically connected within us, physical issues also have their impact upon our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, just like the other way around. Our body is our vessel, our Sacred Temple, which carries around whatever we accumulated in regards to stress. This is the reason why I have a strong preference to work with the body before applying other healing techniques. It’s simply like this: When the body is relaxed, everything is relaxed, even our mental, emotional and spiritual states of being. In case people have experienced severe physical and/or sexual abuse, I often start with applying energetic healing first as a way to first establish a bond of trust, before we dive into the bodywork.

M.E.R. simply offers a fantastic solution to all kinds of pain issues and other physical problems and does so through applying deep and well attuned bodywork in the myofascia, therefore helping it to return to a deep state of relaxation. This facilitates the alleviation or even complete removal of pain syndromes and allows our inherent life force to finally flow freely through our body again. Diseases can literally disappear overnight due to these treatments.

M.E.R. also makes a great combination with Body Dearmouring as they both are both different but simultaneously similar techniques that blend together perfectly. M.E.R. mainly focusses upon long, slow and deep strokes in the myofascia, whereas Body Dearmouring complements this perfectly with what I often call ‘surgical bodywork’. M.E.R.  focusses in comparison upon bigger surfaces of the body, while Body Dearmouring is more precise and detailed bodywork and is really fantastic in removing even the most densified as well as the smallest contractions from the body. These more contracted or smaller contractions are often harder to remove and for which applying M.E.R. is simply not sufficient. As mentioned before though, both techniques do overlap each other and the results of combining them are simply astonishing.

I have been trained in M.E.R. by Satiyarti Pelonquin, who is the founder of both the Rebalancing as well as the M.E.R. massage techniques. You will find more information about him and his work on the following website:


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