During my lifetime as a human being upon this planet, it has taken me many years to finally feel at home upon this often rather strange planet. Feeling totally alienated as a child on the Frisian-Dutch countryside, within a family where physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse and terror were rampant, I’ve been provided with an enormous plethora of challenging experiences that threatened my existence in many ways and during many years. This until I eventually managed to turn things around to my advantage and of those around me. Yes, it has been and often still is a rather challenging journey, but despite it all I’ve come to a peaceful and loving place within myself where I feel immense gratitude for all my life experiences and towards those who I met along the way.

The main shift which helped me move from being a victim into becoming a sovereign empowered creator being came due to understanding that thanks to all these life experiences, I was able to understand and help others that went through similar experiences in their lives. I discovered how what once made me fearful, sad, depressed or angry turned me more and more empathic. First of all towards myself and from there towards others. I discovered also that what once looked like nothing else but hellish punishment could be turned into an amazing jewel. Despite still feeling like a diamond-in-the-rough, it has become very clear to me over the past few decades that what once looked like a curse is simply nothing else but a blessing in disguise. A blessing not only because life gave me the tools to help and assist myself during my journey to become whole and healthy again, but to assist others with what I’ve learned along the way as well. I realized that were it looked like I had so much taken from me, life gave me even more instead.

During the last seven years of my life I’ve started to specialize myself in various forms of energetic, tantric and shamanic healing and bodywork and have specifically developed a huge fascination for trauma release through tantric-shamanic bodywork. I support this bodywork with multiple varieties of coaching and energy work, in alignment with my client’s needs and wishes.

One of my greatest strong suits as a facilitator is going straight to the core issues being at play within my clients. To me personally this is the only thing which truly makes sense, as these issues will keep playing out more or less as long as we’re only fighting symptoms. A necessary quality for that and which I embody in a soft yet powerful way is being able to hold safe space for my clients in which they feel safe enough to release whatever wants to come out, while simultaneously being nourished with whatever they truly need. There will be no judgement about it whatsoever before, during these or after these sessions. All is good as it is and no one is a lesser being in my perspective due to struggling with emotions, having personal behavior issues or for making mistakes in life. After all, a big part of what we learn as HU-mans upon this planet is through making mistakes. So simply know that you and whatever plays out in your life is welcome and safe with me once you’ve decided to consult me for help.

My life, which is rich in experience with personal trauma, guarantees the respect for your personal boundaries and wishes as I so well know what the effects are when these limits and wishes are not being respected. It is thanks to these painful but very educating experiences I am able to create and guarantee the safe haven in which you and your body can truly open up to the healing that you so need and long for.