Nutrional Coaching

I offer nutritional coaching sessions to support all levels of health, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Since we’re living in a holistic reality and our physical and energetic system is also based upon holistic principles, everything is interconnected and one doesn’t come or go with the other levels of health. I have worked several years in the food supplement, raw food and superfood industry, where I discovered the amazing supportive and healing potential of such products, which I first handedly experienced myself in truly amazing ways.

It is probably pretty clear to you that we live in a rather toxic world nowadays. A world that is bombarding us with all kinds of toxins, radiation, chemicals, heavy metals, nano-technology, GMO’s and what not. Millions of people suffer from all kinds of diseases and most of such diseases can be avoided through healthy nutritional awareness. Personally I was very surprised by the enormous amount and variation of all kinds of food supplements, raw and superfoods and the wide range of diseases they target and heal in very efficient ways and many of my clients have benefited from such knowledge and these products over the past years.

Due to my background in this specific part of the food industry, I have access to a wide variety of sources to tap into and I’d be happy to share those sources with you if you would like me to do so. This as a way to avoid you becoming dependent upon me as a client.