Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching sessions can be about any kind of relationship, which doesn’t necessarily have to be of a romantic nature. They can also be about the relationships you have with family members, friends, colleagues or business partners.

My focus during these sessions will be upon discovering what kind of relationship dynamics are present and playing out in the connection between you and whoever else is involved in your relationships. We’ll   investigate which triggers, patterns, belief systems, attitudes, assumptions and such are playing out in these relationships or whatever is needed to make such relationships flourish more efficiently.

These sessions can be experienced separate or together with those with who you relate with. In case the sessions will be together with a partner or partners, I will make use of and offer you all kinds of techniques to help you regulate your body and nervous system in case of getting triggered. This can be different forms of breathwork, shaking, E.R.A.P (Emotional Resource Awareness Practice), N.V.C (Non-Violent Communication) and other kinds of tools, tips or tricks from different tantric, shamanic or other practices I learned. This is to make sure the nervous system doesn’t get overwhelmed and activated during possible emotional triggers, which, as I’m sure you can imagine, will make it difficult to communicate clearly, lovingly and compassionately about the issues present at that moment.