Somatic Coaching

Somatic coaching is a form I like to use a lot, as it is the most efficient way to truly discover the truth about our boundaries and desires in connection with others. One of the main things in western society is the fact that our minds have learned to dissociate so easily from the incredible intelligence of our bodies, which in my perspective and that of many of my colleagues, is the only reason why we end up in conflict with others.

During these sessions I will offer and teach you simple, yet very effective tips, tools and tricks how to realign your mind and body properly. These exercises are simple, yet very effective and immediately calm the mind and neutralize the overactivity of the mind, which is only due to the nervous system feeling overwhelmed. Since our nervous system is directly connected to our brains, an overwhelmed nervous system causes the brain to literally short circuits the brain and makes it impossible to function properly. You can also use these exercises anywhere during your daily life at almost any given moment, as most of them are short and can be done quickly.

The core focus within all these tips, tools and tricks will be about focusing upon and reclaiming full consciousness about the incredible wisdom of your body (soma) as a gateway to discover what is your authentic truth. I will also offer you other amazing tools to communicate this in loving and compassionate ways for yourself and others, which will avoid triggering whoever you’re in relationship with, be it friends, lovers, family, colleagues or business partners.