Who is Gosse Beerda

My name is Gosse Beerda, I am 53 years young and I consider myself to be a starseed, a systembuster and a kindred spirit that has come to this awesome planet to help create Heaven upon Earth. I've always known something was desperately wrong here on this planet, which motivated me at the rather young age of 16 to start inquiering what was wrong and how to create a shift in awareness on this planet.

My lifepath has taken me in many directions. All kinds of alternative lifestyles, DJ-ing for more than 20 years, travelling a lot while tapping into many cultures, meditation, working with plant medicine, energetic forms of healing, bodywork and doing a lot of research in many fields of interest have eventually brought me to a place where I was able to heal and deal with all the trauma I have experienced as a child. Trauma that once threatened to destroy me and that nowadays has turned into a true source of power and inspiration to help others dealing with similar issues. It has definitely not been an easy path, but surely is one that is absolutely worth every step of it.

Upon my path I have discovered and created my own forms of meditation , energetic healing, light language and coaching. I have developed my own personal bodywork technique of body dearmouring which I've named 'The Tender Touch Technique' and I'm experienced in the fields of psychosomatic awareness, trauma release techniques, psychotherapy, tantra, shamanism and other consciousness fields. Next to that I have been trained extensively in Pranic Healing and other techniques such as Frequencies of Light Therapy, Soul Body Fusion, Siddha Kundalini Healing and other forms of working with Kundalini energy like facilitating Tantric Kundalini Full Body Energy Orgasm sessions.

Foto van Gosse Beerda