Frequencies of Freedom

The Frequencies of Freedom website is setup to function as a portal for healing and wellbeing. Its creation aims to help you live your Highest Divine Potential in alignment with your true Soul mission here upon our beloved planet Earth. To transform, transmute and transfigure whatever stands in the way of that and to help you unlock and contribute your specific and unique gifts in service to your personal wellbeing and of all of Creation.

Who is Gosse Beerda?

My name is Gosse Beerda, I am 53 years young and I consider myself to be a starseed, a system-buster and a kindred spirit that has come to this awesome planet to help to create a shift in the human collective consciousness.

After experiencing severe trauma as a child as well as an adult, I've always felt something is terribly wrong here on this planet. This motivated me at the rather young age of 16 to start my personal healing journey. A journey that now has lead me to a point where I feel able to help others with my personal experience.


My services to you


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Energetic Healing

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